Parker Nevin was born in San Francisco.   During his second year of life, in typically precocious fashion, he decided to see what the hubbub was about and migrated to suburbia along with many other babies of the 90’s.  He packed up his parents, moved to the 'burbs, and eventually began his elementary schooling. 

Some of the highlights of this primary experience follow:

Discovery of a deep-seated love of dairy products, being sent to the office more times than he can recall, and playing the part of a cow from space in a school play. 
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Brandon Raman was raised in the city of Pittsburg, California. There he realized that the only way out of Pittsburg was in a body bag……or in some sort of vehicle….or you could walk out, but it would take a SUPER long time.

In the matter of survival, Brandon had to choose to either peddle drugs or become a comedian. After the drugs, Brandon discovered he had an attraction to a style of comedy called Improvisation.

Brandon has since learned to harness many aspects of improv when writing material for LooseLouie brand videos.
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LooseLouie was spawned in a teacherless chemistry class when two lab partners found out they had more in common than most. Parker’s hilarious hilarity and Brandon’s ability to walk became a strong comedic bond. This chemical reaction overflowed from the Ygnacio Valley Science wing into the school’s improvisation team, where they would eventually become co-Captains. Once the duo graduated, the name was decided, the goal was affirmed, and comedy was the destination.

Parker Nevin and Brandon Raman have appeared in leading roles in a variety of local dramatic, comedic, improv & musical productions, and have accumulated significant dramatic & comedic training. Brandon is a graduate of CSU Long Beach's film program, and is currently LA-based. Parker has attended PCPA (The Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts), and is a member of the Dragon Viper Cobra improv team, Mark and the Boys premium improv comedy team, and the DWTS Live! sketch comedy group (voted best in San Francisco!). Resumes can be provided upon request.


Jingo is a male English Cocker Spaniel who believes himself to be the king of the universe. His belief is usually unchallenged. He is a recovering ballaholic, and often receives requests for signed photos. His reply, not surprisingly - "With what, my human hands?"

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